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Montezuma is for all those who love the freshness (Pura Vida) of Costa Rica. If you want to escape stress, this is the place you should go to.

Montezuma is a small and picturesque town on the east coast of the Nicoya Peninsula, in the province of Puntarenas, 158 km from San José airport.  Hippie and artistic atmosphere guaranteed, with beautiful little hotels and a population composed of "ticos" and foreigners who have fallen in love with the area.

Exploring in Montezuma

Visit the village of Montezuma: Montezuma is a very colorful little beach town. It can be easily traversed from end to end in about 15 minutes. There is a main road that runs along the outskirts of the village and the coast. From this road, there is a street that enters the village and ends at the northern end of Playa Montezuma. Take a walk and enjoy the restaurants, cafes and bars that are located along the main street, lined with vendors of all kinds of handicrafts, necklaces and colorful bracelets. Montezuma has some small shops and supermarkets, a bank and tour operators, but if you need other important services, you will have to go to Cóbano, the local town, about 15 minutes away by car. Cóbano has a gas station, more banks, pharmacies, ATMs, but you don't have to worry because i'll be with you to take you where ever is needed. Montezuma Beach: You can travel kilometers along the rocky coasts of Montezuma, the bay and the nearby beaches. Montezuma Beach is the main beach next to Montezuma Bay. If you continue walking south, you will reach Las Manchas, Las Rocas and Los Cedros. All these beautiful beaches have similar characteristics: clear sand, rocky coastline and strong waves. Chances are that you are the only one on these beaches, as most tourists do not go all the way south. In Montezuma there is no sunset like in Santa Teresa, but the good thing is that the beach practically just for you and you can enjoy the tide pools. As the coast is very rocky, at low tide you can sit in the pools or observe the fauna there. BATHING IN MONTEZUMA WATERFALLS Montezuma Waterfalls are the most popular attraction in the area. Even lovers of the competing beach, Santa Teresa, go there for a change of atmosphere. The entrance to the Montezuma waterfalls is near the Cascada Hotel, near the bridge. We recommend that you wear mountain sandals or water shoes, NO flip-flops please. The hike takes about 20 minutes to reach the first waterfall. There are 3 in total: the upper, central and lower cataracts. Upper cataracts are actually the smallest, making them a good choice for those who have children. The middle falls are about 12 meters high and are quite hidden between the upper and lower falls. The lower waterfall is the largest and most popular, with a drop of 25 meters and a nice pool suitable for a refreshing swim after a long walk. VISIT THE CURÚ RESERVE: One of the essential places in Costa Rica. Do you want to see animals up close? You have to go to Curú, especially if you have children. This paradise encompasses some 1,496 hectares of forests, mangroves, beaches and marine habitats. Thanks to its great biodiversity, it is guaranteed to see monkeys, coatis (coatis), scarlet macaws, white-tailed deer and hundreds of species of tropical and migratory birds native to this region. There is a beautiful shell-shaped beach, where it is good to swim because there are few waves. A heavenly place. WALKS THROUGH THE CABO BLANCO RESERVE: Cabo Blanco is more than recommended. This nature reserve is within walking distance of Montezuma, and offers magnificent hiking trails. The reserve encompasses 1,172 hectares of rainforest and a rich marine and jungle ecosystem. The reserve is also home to many seabirds. If you're lucky, you'll also be able to spot some wild animals, such as deer, armadillos, anteaters, howler monkeys (congos), capuchin monkeys (white-faced), and coatis (coatis).




Warm, humid, sunny




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Warm, rainy, cloudy




SJO Airport to

Montezuma/Santa Tereza/MalPais


350USD includes ferry fee

Luxury Private Airport Transfers San Jose


Full Trip Chauffeur

Daily Rate


250USD 2 guests

260USD 3 guests

270USD 4 guests

280USD 5 guests

290USD 6 guests

300USD 7 guests


Pro Photo & Video Package 


Starting at $500USD

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