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The first impression when arriving to Monteverde is woaaooh! The views are spectacular, the air fresh and a sense of wonder when visiting the small but very beautiful village!

Monteverde is a destination that stands out for its lush vegetation and wildlife, as it houses one of the most original habitats on the planet; The Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve is a place where an amazing variety of flora and fauna dominate the space, creating a unique atmosphere.


One of the biggest attractions is going hiking in Monteverde Cloud Forest Reserve, home to an infinity of fauna species including jaguars, ocelots and the resplendent quetzal with colorful feathers. On the marked trails of the reserve you can see ferns and orchids, and there are hanging bridges at high altitudes that allow you to walk over the foliage of the forest. Also, you can enjoy walks on the suspension bridges and if you still want something even better, you can not miss the opportunity to fly over this cloud forest with the zip line adventure experience. Visiting the root bridge of ficus is undoubtedly one of the best activities, a fascinating natural phenomenon so you can not miss it, no doubt you will create amazing memories and extraordinary photographs. For the sunset we take you to one of the best places to enjoy a tasty cocktail to enjoy this magnificent moment. Monteverde is also famous for its coffee which you have to try! The night walks in Monteverde are extraordinary, as long as you are accompanied by a guide who will know how to show you everything worth seeing. They will walk, without noise, in the heart of the forest in the clouds with the simple light of a flashlight. It's an experience to live! At night, in the dark, our ear is much more sensitive. You will hear another nature that awakes at night... You will see many insects, some more or less camouflaged. There are also, of course, bats, nocturnal birds, but also the famous.... Tarantula. It is also possible to see snakes, other types of spiders, frogs, sleeping sloths, etc. Our tip: Prepare long pants and a jacket, it's cold at night, especially with the humidity. Exploring the village of Santa Elena can be a fun way to spend a couple of hours at night. Santa Elena is where you will find most of the shops and restaurants in the area. You can easily spend a couple of hours exploring and trying out the different souvenir shops, cafes and restaurants, or just doing some shopping at the super markets if you plan to cook at your place of accommodation. We can also visit the Colibries Gallery which is a small and cozy garden with feeders and endemic plants that attract dozens of hummingbirds and we know you will love it!




Warm, humid, sunny




Warm, rainy, partly cloudy



Warm, rainy, cloudy




SJO Airport to Monteverde


180USD extra 20 USD pp after 4pp 



Full Trip Chauffeur

Daily Rate


250USD 2 guests

260USD 3 guests

270USD 4 guests

280USD 5 guests

290USD 6 guests

300USD 7 guests


Pro Photo & Video Package 


Starting at $500USD

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