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Alex Vega

Born and raised in the Alajuela, region of Costa Rica, I travelled extensively throughout the country and made lifelong friendships with those in the tourism industry. 

After living in Asia for 12 years as a professional model, in 2020 I decided to come back to my lovely country and start a new business, focused on tourism, private transportation and to share my love for photography & video. It's really a passion of mine to spend time everyday with new people, and show the highlights of Costa Rica and our culture. I think it is in my veins! 

I'm truly grateful for all the people I've met while traveling here and all they did to make my experience special. These connections have made it possible for me to provide exceptional services, unique experiences and a flawless vacation to all my guests.

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"I'm super passionate about nature, and green is my favorite color. No wonder, because Costa Rica is the greenest place
've ever seen!"



I want you to feel incredible, welcomed, comfortable, confident, safe and secure.

Come and travel with me
It will be my pleasure to have you guys on board and to live the best experience of your life!

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